Friday, February 1, 2013

The Mark of the Leak

Around this time of year, when snow-packed wintery days begin to change into snow-melt and rainy seasons, Seattle roofing companies begin to talk about "The mark of the leak." This refers to the first snow melt/rains of the new year, when a faulty roof that has been overlooked all year shows the first signs of a roof leak and ensuing water damage. When the mark of the leak appears on that first day of wet weather, roofing contractors in Seattle get inundated with calls for roofing repair, and some customers may have to wait up to a week for service, do to the extreme numbers of calls. These calls are mostly from homeowners who have not had regular checks for damage and wear on roofs, but simply ignored the maintenance until a problem presented itself; a problem that could have been avoided simply.

So remember, unless you want to see the mark of the leak, have a certified roofing professional do regular inspections and maintenance of your roof, seal any cracks or potential problem spots, and just remember that the roof is the crown of your home -- from time to time, it requires some polishing.